Agnes Szabó

“I am a socially driven personality; that’s why I prefer to work with people on a daily basis.

After having graduated as a bachelor in educational science I worked for a year as a receptionist in a wellness centre. The next two years I lived in Gran Canaria, working in the hotel and catering sector. Back in Holland I continued working in the catering business for the past seven years.

I always enjoyed massaging my family and friends. In 2014 I myself experienced the healing effect of  massage. Caused by much stress combined with moving at a certain point I couldn’t lift my arm any more. My shoulder was completely frozen and the pain was unbearable. A massage then gave me relief so that I could move my arm again without pain.

In 2015 I graduated as a certified sports masseur and the same year I took a course in Lomi Lomi massage. Ever since I do massages in my own massage practice. Applying Lomi Lomi massages has become my passion. This holistic Hawaiian massage is different from other massages. Massaging is done mostly with the under arms. The long stretches – like ocean waves – remove energy blockings and produce a total relaxation of body and mind.

There are so many different massage techniques, with their underlying traditions and cultures. It’s my wish to master many more of those techniques. I am delighted to be able to cooperate with many experienced colleagues at AHA Massage. As far as I’m concerned friendly colleagues are essential for a good atmosphere.

Finally: I was born in Budapest in 1984. I live in Scheveningen with my partner. I’m fond of animals, especially of my cat. I love travelling, cycling, walking, climbing, swimming, snorkelling and everything else to be done in nature. Beside that I’m interested in Eastern philosophy, Buddhism and yoga.”


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