Danielle Pipper

“Since early childhood I have been fascinated by Eastern medicine and various kinds of massage, my father being a practitioner in acupucture and Eastern massage techniques. I myself gave regular massages to my friends at that time, of a purely intuitive nature.

My education and career have since followed other tracks. After completing my higher education I ultimately entered my present job at a big international company where I am enganged in the Human Resources field.

Back in 2003 I had regular massages for some time experiencing the pleasant and wholesome effect of it. Thus I decided to go more deeply into massage with the intention to let others feel the positive effects of it too. I did several short courses which definitively set my heart on massage.

Hence my choice for the training course to become a massage and relexation specialist aiming at going into massage professionally. And now I’m practising this profession already since 2009 – with an interruption of several months at the beginning of this year when I was expecting my first baby.

In the meantime I’m the mother of a sweet daughter and very glad to be able to pick up the thread at AHA Massage. For I’ve missed massageing a lot during my pregnancy period.

I feel quite at home at AHA Massage, not in the least because the colleagues more or less followed the same path as I did and work from the same motivation. Besides, it’s great pleasure to share each other’s experiences and learn from each other. In this profession the learning never ends.

In conclusion: I’m from 1977 and living with my friend, my daughter and three cats. I like being active and creative. Surfing, snowboarding, interior styling, painting and cooking are my favorites.”


Danielle Pipper

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