Gijs van Ammelrooij

“After 22 years of varied experience in youth assistance it was about time to change course. Still fascinated by human behaviour and its patterns I decided to become a holistic massage therapist thus shifting from talking to people towards making them really feel.

So now I run my own holistic massage practice by the name of Feel Life. My aim is making people aware of their body and soul as a whole. Tensions accumulating in the body and resulting in physical complaints. How massage can play a role to restore balance. I strongly believe in the power of touching and hope to contribute to people becoming conscious of their body signals in reaction to the hecticness of everyday life.

When I came into contact with the AHA massage practice I recognised here the some drive, where it translates into various massage methods. I feel very much at home at AHA Massage because my colleagues also stand for a personal approach. AHA Massage offers a pleasant working environment and the option to remain into contact with colleagues thus mutually increasing our knowledge and skills while practicing.

Finally: I’m from 1971, married and mother of three adolescent boys. I like sports. I practice squash, love running and outdoor life. I also enjoy good food, social life, a good book and beautiful music.”


Gijs van Ammelrooij

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