Ireen Vuijk

“Already in my younger years I made my career choice in favour of secretarial work. I’ve been working as a management assistant ever since. Of course you’re somebody’s right hand in the first place, but I’ve always been  lucky enough to have other and different side jobs, from communications manager up to manager of secretaries, reproduction and  reception departments.

During the last few years I gradually asked myself if these were the jobs to keep working in forever. At a certain point I myself experienced the whosesome effect of massage on body and soul and this was my incentive to engage myself in it professionally. And I’m ever so glad to have taken this step! Because guess what? The massage profession proves to really fit me as a glove!

I started my own practice and I’m proud to be a member of the AHA Massage team. Cooperating with colleagues enables you to learn from each others’ qualities. It’s my firm intention to develop myself further into a number of new techniques and massage forms.

Finally: I’m from 1974, born and raised in Alphen aan den Rijn, where I still live. My husband and me have a son and a daughter. I’m active at their school and I love wining with my friends in our village. But I also like being at home, sitting outside in the sun, reading a book or playing games with the children.”

Ireen Vuijk


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