Jane Tevreden

“I’m graduated as a psychologic assistant and for the past 30 years I have been working in the special education sector with children suffering from learning and development problems.

“My interest in massage aroused during my childhood. In my family massage was quite normal. I grew up in Surinam and there we used to go to old ladies of Indonesian descent in the neighbourhood for a so called pitjit massage. You went there to have your complaints relieved, but also because it just made your body feel good. Once moved to Holland my mother massaged me regularly. We were next as her children to stand on her back to lighten her pains.

Not surprisingly I intended to study physiotherapy. Eventually, however, I took another turn. But, as things often go, my massage passion recurred as the years went by. So I decided to do several massage courses, such as sports massage and feet massage.

Beside my office job I started offering massages on fairs and events. I now have my own practice and apart from that I work as a masseur in a number of other practices, AHA Massage being one of them. I also do massages as a volunteer for certain groups such as homeless women and refugees.

During my professional training I mastered various techniques that I apply in my massages. They can be strong but also quiet and soft. What particularly attracts me in this profession is that you can mean so much for other people. Is there anything more gratifying than seeing your client leave your practice satisfied after your treatment?

Finally: I was born in 1962. I couldn´t do without music and dancing. Reading is another hobby of mine as well as working out in my spare time. Strolling along the beach or in a natural setting is my favourite way to reload my battery. I like travelling too, especially in the tropics.”

Jane Tevreden

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