Jenny Dijks

“I entered the massage profession because I enjoy to do and to learn everything connected with the human body. Originally I’m a Yoga Asana teacher; since 2008 I’m lecturing yoga with much pleasure. After having graduated in Hatha Yoga I followed various additional courses and trainings, such as Yoga and Cancer and Yoga for Seniors.

Gradually I extended my portfolio in the direction of massage. My first massage training was in 2009, about pregnancy massage, the interest in it stemming from my pregnancy yoga lessons.

My massage adventure had started, my next step being a chair massage training in 2012. The following year I did a complete massage course of twelve months, dedicated among other subjects to classical relaxing massage and sports massage. That was when the massage virus really struck me. And it has become a passion since then.

In the meantime I added quite a few other courses and techniques to my massage qualifications and skills. Finally, in 2015, I completed the official massage education, stamped by our professional organisation NGS.

Beside my yoga lessons, that I mainly give externally, I own my own practice under the name of JOYoga, from where I’m also working at AHA Massage. In my work I attach great value to mutual respect and confidence. I give my massages with love, attention and respect.

Finally: I’m from 1962, I’m fond of movies and there are periods in which I read a lot. Apart from exercising yoga I regularly do some hiking on foot, but I also like to linger around idly on a free Sunday.”

Jenny Dijks

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