Paulien Stikkelman

“My original profession was floristry, but soon I got into all kinds of office jobs. Luckily most jobs included intensive social contact, but even after 20 years it still didn’t suit me. In 2000 I deliberately quit “clerk hood”, initially to pick up my original profession as a florist. I successively worked for two elegant florist shops within The Hague area.

In 2002 I decided that I wanted to turn my hobby into my profession. I got my official qualification as a (sports) masseur and for two years I worked at several reputable saunas and spas. During this time I took courses in a number of other massage techniques and I plan to continue obtaining skills and experiences in the fascinating variety of methods and therapies from all ages and all parts of the world.

In august 2004 I started my own massage practice because I believe that clients deserve better than an impersonal treatment in a narrow den by a masseur who has to race against the clock. I believe in a personal approach and to this end I have created a spacey and well equipped parlour where I may properly serve an ever growing group of nice clients.

I was sad to leave my florist job in early 2006 but it became necessary as I was simply too busy in my massage practice.

In conclusion: I was born in the 60’s and married. My hobbies are travelling, ice skating, dancing and bike expeditions.


Paulien Stikkelman

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